Hamsa Hand In Sterling Silver 925 Neck Chain By Iris Art Design.

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                                                                             Hamsa Hand Pendant in Sterling Silver 925

                                        sterling silver 925 Neck Chain & Box By Iris Art Design

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iris braunstein shemesh an israeli artist who started her career as a textile designer realized that she coud express her love for prints and textures in unique jewelry and judaica items design.
she delights and contemporary ideas in her unique creations.
the joy and vitality expressed in her jewelry is evident when meeting iris.
she draws from the multicultural inspiration of her nativ country israel to inspire items which are a synthesis of native culture and religion into vibrant art pieces with striking judaic designs.
her combination of style includes romantic retero and modern.
each piece of jewelry is meticulously handmade in israel ensuring that no two piceces are a like as skilled workers incorporate sterling silver pewter silk. crystals and more to the create a wide spectrum of textures and designs.
utilizing materials such as silk paper silver plating brass and enamel with a shiny lacquer finish for the jewelry. the flower a diverse designs include geometric designs and abstract backgrounds to creat an endless variety of styles gleaned from different cultures and styles.
using ancient jewish symbols such as hamsa, iris effortlessly incorporates them into judaic items such as mezuzah and wall hamsa.
integrating ancient tradition and contemporary design to creat one of a kind home decorations with her usual meticulous attention to details she is careful to craft the back of her creations such as hamsas and wall pomegranates with the same finish as on the front creating a completly perfect item .
these collections experienced overwhelming success in the USA CANADA EUROPE AUSTRALIA and ISRAEL and are exhibited in museums worldwide


                                                                               height 1.6cm x size width 1.5cm

                                                                                  weight 2.8 grams  

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