Roman Glass Bracelet Authentic & Luxurious 925 Sterling Silver.

Roman Glass Bracelet Authentic & Luxurious 925 Sterling Silver.

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                                               Roman Glass Bracelet Authentic & Luxurious

                                                                                                                          925 Sterling Silver                                                                                

                                                                                                     comes with roman glass certificate 
                                    the glass in these jewelry was found at different historical sites in the holyland.
                                       its origin is in the glass vessels of the ROMAN-BYZANTINE PERIOD.
                                                 the rainbow coloured patina is a result of its aga.
                              each glass fragment has a different shape,so that each ornament is an uniaqe original.

Roman Glass Jewelry brings you the magic and mystery of a history over 2000 years ago. Glass jewels are found in various historical sites in the Holy Land.
The origin is glassware Roman and Byzantine periods. One of the treasures of Israeli archeology of Roman glass fragments which were found in archeology. Glass received the dye in the form of prescription and colorful rainbow of patina is the result of a very long time they were in the ground.
Centuries of contact with the ground glass gives a unique colorful patina that makes it the perfect material and fine jewelry and unique to Israel. Look at our assortment, Sterling Silver, featuring modern designs jewelery, as well as works of Judaica Star of David, Hamsa, Hay, Mezuza, Rings, Earrings,  Bracelets & chains. Each piece goes through design Handcrafted and integrated in Sterling Silver 925 by Israeli artist who designed and was inspired by the design and manufacture of fine jewelry which over forty years


                                                                       size 20.5cm lenght

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