Olive Wood Cross Made in Bethlehem Jerusalem ( Size L/10 x W/6 cm )

Olive Wood Cross Made in Bethlehem Jerusalem ( Size L/10 x W/6 cm )

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                                             Olive Wood Cross Made in Bethlehem Jerusalem

                                                                                           With Jesus in metal

                                 This Product made by olivewood carving each piece by itself directly

                                                               From Bethlehem in Holy Land jerusalem


                                                         10cm lenght x 6cm width

 Bethlehem star olive wood factory was established in 1971 under the supervision of experienced craftsmen professionally and quality have been the motto of the establishment its inception.
therefore it spared no effort or money into having the best equipments best raw materials and best craftsmen.
the olive tree has been highly regarded since ancient times.
the eremites in the fertile crescent announced it as the blessed tree.
the cananites philistines  as well as all the nations who lived there throughout the centuries.
planted olive trees in various parts of the holy land and tried to spread its cultivation.
olive was used in the past to point people in high posts such as kings.
olive wood is a very important source for heatimg purposes beacuse it burns slowly and generates high heat.
it is worth mentioning that the olive wood tree should be kept for 150 years before its branches can be used for wood carving.

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