Mirra Anointing Oil 60.ml Bottle Fragrance

  • $7.90

Mirra Anointing Oil 60.ml Bottle Fragrance Of The Holy Bible Jerusalem As all Christian knows, is that Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God, was not only born of a virgin but he also grew up to become a man whose dual nature would be an example for the salvation of humanity. He is truly the Messiah for the Jewish people and for us Christians. Mirra Anointing Oil from Jerusalem, with its sweet smell, is a whole body anointing oil. It is made of natural ingredients including Pine Tree Rozin and essential oils extracted from plants. These ingredients are blended together in a unique way to give the oil its unique qualities and fragrance. Traditionally Mirra was applied to the skin but can also be used as a perfume or cologne, or even added to after-shave lotion, bath water or massage oils.

  • Mirra Anointing Oil is made up of 100% pure anointing oil that can be used for anointing or for praying.
  • This product can help to protect your skin from sunlight and prevent your skin from aging faster.
  • It makes the skin soft, fresh and supple other than being long lasting.

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