Holy Incense Nard From holyland Jerusalem 140 Grams Bottle

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This holy nard (incense for burning) comes from the land of Jerusalem. It is prepared in a traditional, special way and will give your home an unforgettable smell. Nard from Holyland bottle contains viable seeds of particularly fine charas. Jerusalem's nard incense, Holyland Nard is no doubt the best quality incense in the world. It was originally made famous by the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. A fragrant and pleasant-smelling spice is a rare variety of an earthly product. It is no less valuable in religious use than it is a taste or ornament, being used either as a perfume or an offering or for burning upon the altar.  Great for Pastors, Priests, christenings, confirmation ceremonies, baby dedications, remembrance, Passover, first communions, and altar calls.
  • Made by local perfumers using natural things.
  • Fill the room with the scent of perfume.
  • Brings a Holy feeling.