Healing Anointing Oil Cedar of Lebanon 250 ml - 8.5fl oz. Ein Gedi

  • $11.90

Healing anointing oil cedar of lebanon 250 ml - 8.5fl oz. Ein gedi from holyland jerusalem. The healing power of prayer has always been emphasized in scripture. Not just for physical healing, but our need to be healed spiritually as well. There is a powerful oil in israel that is used by priests with great faith everyday to pray for others who are sick and need healing. This story told to us by our imported manufacturers will both inspire and challenge you in your own faith to believe for those things which have not yet appeared. Anoint yourself or a loved one with this Cedar of Lebanon Anointing Oil from the Holy Land and know that you possess an oil with thousands of years of history. This blending is an ancient and time tested recipe for spiritual protection, wellness, holiness, balance and soothing.
  • It is a powerful oil for those who need physical stamina and protection against enemies.
  • The powerful oil supposedly sprung from ancient olive trees in the Golan Heights.
  • Cedar of Lebanon is the oil of strength and clearing.

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