For Health & Sweetness In Russian Ceramic Hands Made By ''YURI DOGAYEV''

For Health & Sweetness In Russian Ceramic Hands Made By ''YURI DOGAYEV''

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                                                                For Health And Sweetness  Made by Studio ''YURI DOGAYEV''

                                                                                                          hand made ceramics art

                                   in Russian Language

Studio Dogayev produces ceramic works of art.

The studio contains a selection of work produced by the artist Yuri Dogayev.

The display is a rare collection of figures in the Jewish world and advocates, each handmade by Yuri, as well as a large selection of ceramic ornaments to include candle holders, wall paintings, candlesticks Chanukah and more.
Yuri Dogyib born in the Ukraine in Donetsk.

Be trained painter at an early age Yuri Open Studio art business Donetsk the foil. Was a resounding success, and his works have been distributed throughout Ukraine as a whole and beyond.

In 1990 - Yuri and his family immigrated to Israel. Religious Holy Land was created to work with warmer materials and began working in clay
As stubborn by nature to achieve his goals , so in this case learned the art of sculpture on its own while developing unique methods .
At 1992 Open Studio ceramics . The studio is creating a rare collection of figures from the Jewish world , mostly statues of Eastern European Jews and followers .

A lot of his works are in private collections of collectors in Germany , USA , France, England , Israel, Russia and other countries around the world.

Israel invited for personal work in Israel

On 2001 starts a new art which includes ceramics interior design . Including candle holders, wall pictures , Menorahs , Hamsa , vases and more.
Each piece is made manually by the artist including combustion processes , coating and painting .
Two months long lead time, where all the work goes 4-5 stages of drying and burned in a special oven at a temperature above 1100 ° C ° during each phase optimized phase coating and painting special glazing materials unique, 24k gold and platinum.

Each work has H"yori her "much love. And as such is invested from any positive energy lapping. That indicate people who insert clip positive changes in their homes were.

A rare combination of openness, romance and self-expression of the artist invested in each one of his works creates the uniqueness of his rare collection.


                                                        18cm height x 14cm width

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