Essence Of Jerusalem Eau De Parfum 100 ml. Spray (3.4 Oz) Woman Perfume

  • $41.90

This grand and luxurious bottle of perfume is unlike any you’ll find in your local department store. Made by master perfumers, this amazing fragrance uses only the incredible plants and flowers that grow indigenously in the Holy Land, making this perfume fabulously unique. Created using the legendary balsam plant, which was brought to Israel by the Queen of Sheba on her legendary visit to the great King Solomon, this enchanting perfume has a sweet and exotic aroma that you will absolutely love. Blended from over 90 different species of fragrant plants famously used in biblical times, this lovely perfume is a wonderful reproduction of the seductive scents worn by the women of ancient Jerusalem throughout the ages. Refreshing, feminine, and enticing, this heavenly perfume will make a thoughtful and delightful gift for the beautiful women in your life. Perfect as a mother’s day gift or birthday present, this dainty and pleasing perfume is pleasant and alluring all day long.

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