Beautiful & Special Ceramics Candlesticks Seven Species With Pure Silver 925

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Beautiful & Special Ceramics Candlesticks Seven Species With Pure Silver 925

Hand Made Art Design From Holyland Jerusalem

DOMAR Fine Art Collection

DOMAR Ltd., a family-owned business in Israel, established in 1978, takes pride in offering you a wide selection of artistic giftware and Judaica for every occasion and budget. Using 925 sterling silver, DOMAR transforms crystal glass, blown glass, Roman-style vessels, pottery replicas, modern ceramics and Judaica into extraordinary works of art. DOMAR is known for its uniqueness and is considered a leading producer and exporter of artistic giftware. The superior quality of their products have earned the company high marks in excellence. As a result, many creations have been given as gifts to colleagues and business counterparts by Israeli government officials and executives in private and public sectors.

Who started DOMAR?

DOMAR Artists is a family-owned ceramic manufacturer that was started by the Israeli-born Pinhas Domovitz who spent several years in Germany in the early 1980's. His earlier experimental works with glass and clay won him recognition by the President of the Union of German Artists, and a second prize for Young Artists.

Pinchas Domowitz was born in 1948 to Israel parents who were both holocaust survivors. From early childhood on he was surrounded by the beautiful stories of his Jewish heritage which he later used for his Judaic creations, using ceramics and sterling silver. Living in the modern state of Israel has inspired him to create contemporary art, especially when commissioned by the Prime Minister's office for various official State gifts.

DOMAR's reputation

DOMAR Artists' one-of-a-kind ceramic creations are world famous for their extraordinary beauty and stunning hand-painted decor, with stering silver and white and gold platinum. Over the years, these outstanding works of art gained recognition by an exclusive clientele of celebrities. Following is a partial list of recipients of DOMAR Artists' works:
•In March of 1993, the late Prime Minister of Israel Mr. Yitzak Rabin presented President and Mrs. Bill Clinton with a replica of an antique bowl.
•Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher received a piece of pottery decorated with sterling silver.
•Former American Secretary of State Mr. George Shultz received an antique pottery.
•Former American Vice President Mr. Al Gore received a replica of an antique pottery decorated with sterling silver.
•Mr. E. Rosenthal, Chief Editor of the New York Times, and the recipient of the Pulitzer Prize, received an exclusive Menorah.
•Mr. Shimon Peres presented the late King Hussein of Jordan with an extraordinary gift: a large vase, a replica of an antique pottery decorated with sterling silver. This inspired King Hussein to start a collection of DOMAR Artists' creations displayed to this day in his palace in Amman.
•Israel's prestigious Bar-Ilan University presented Prof. Elie Wiesel, 1986 Nobel Peace Prize Winner, with a uniquely structured Menorah molded on a rock and decorated with white platinum.



25.0 cm Height x 28.0 cm Width x 20.5 cm Depth

weight 1825 grams


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