Authentic & High Quality Polished Shofar ( Size 30cm-35cm )

  • $19.90

This is an authentic hand-made shofar made by a certified ritual specialist using the highest quality Italian farm product. It has a direct label (non-recycled paper) with the certificate of authenticity with its unique ID number and high-quality polishing inside and out with polished lacquer, it will surely provide one year warranty on cracking or deformation. Its excellent sound quality comes from the high quality it was produced, Triple sealed to avoid moisture. If you are familiar with shofars you probably know that a shofar combined with the garment in Hashem's hands is used to heal a person from his pain or disease. The sound of the Shofar has been known since biblical times to aid in the treatment of illness and exorcisms of demons. The word "Shofar" means horn, although no actual horn is used in constructing a shofar, as this would make it susceptible to being broken during use. 

  • High-quality polished Shofar.
  • The shofar is made ​​from a brass hollow beast with horns.
  • Feelings of wonder and peace are heard.

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