Garlic Salt Gourmet Salt From The Dead Sea 3.87oz / 110 grams

  • $9.90

The unique qualities of natural salt from the Dead Sea combined with the benefits of garlic. A fascinating festival of flavor.

Does your family like to eat? If so, this is the garlic salt for you. A pinch of this delicious garlic salt from our Holy Land will add that extra kick to all your homemade soups, salads, and more. From the Dead Sea. The Garlic Salt is made from the Dead Sea and it has been harvested in a natural way to bring a unique flavor to your food. The Salt of the Dead Sea has a high concentration of minerals and is known for its benefits in relieving headaches and other common ailments. A fun and interesting gift. Fantastic on popcorn, fries, and grilled meats. Use it to bring out the flavors in any favorite recipe. The gourmet flavor on a special trip to the Holyland in a gift-ready tube.

  • Salt of the earth.
  • Salt of the sea.
  • Salt of the land.

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