Dead Sea Salts

The Dead Sea area provides the world with many essential natural resources, such as Potassium, Bromine, and Magnesium, as well as the unique salt formed there over hundreds of thousands of years. people of the area learned to use the salt for their seasoning & cooking needs, especially for preserving the food. 

it was used for trade as well. Throughout history, salt, and especially fine salt, was used as currency by merchants and was considered a valuable asset.

Salt is an ionic mineral compound that is essential for life. Its components, such as sodium chloride, play an important role in the human body ,in the digestive ,the respiratory and the nervous systems, and in the regulation of fluids. Salt is as essential to the human body just like the water.

The Dead Sea brings to your table all the best qualities of the best salt in the world. It is collected in the traditional way, by hand, then dried by natural evaporation, and is certified as 100 percent natural for seasoning and cooking. With its deep taste, and the addition of unique flavors, it provides an exceptional gourmet experience.